SearchWorks Price List
Effective 1 January 2011

The Department of Land Affairs has restructured their prices. They are charging for searches that are found and not found, and have also done away with price volume breaks.

SearchWorks, however, will always endeavour to offer you the best possible price and therefore, we are still offering you the benefit of price volume breaks.

Deeds Office Searches
0 to 500 R 8.60
501 to 1000 R 7.80
1001 to 1500 R 7.29
1501 to 2500 R 6.70
2501 and above R 6.39
Document Tracking (DOTS) R 9.15
Deed Document Copy (per document) R 39.00
Document OCR (Deed Document Copy required) R 1.00
Other Property Searches
Surveyor General Diagram (per page) R 5.50
Erf to Street Address Conversion R 6.35
Street Address to Erf Conversion R 6.35
Scheme to Street Address Conversion R 6.35
CIPC Searches
Company Search R 10.00
Director Search R 10.00
CIPC Document Copy - CC (per page) R 2.00
CIPC Document Copy - PTY (per page) R 6.00
CIPC Document Certification R 26.00
Credit Searches
Consumer Profile R 20.00
TransUnion Credit Searches
ID Verification R 7.00
Contact Information R 4.50
Consumer Profile R 26.00
Company Report R 135.00
Business Principal Detail R 20.00
Business Statutory Detail R 25.00
Business Subject Default R 85.00
Business Enquiry History R 73.00
Business Bank On File R 20.00
Business Deed On File R 40.00
Business Dynamic Rating R 85.00
Business Principal Link R 105.00
Business Trade On File R 85.00
Default Loading R 40.00
24H Bank Code R 95.00
XDS Credit Searches
ID Verification R 6.00
Consumer Profile R 18.00
Consumer Trace    
0 to 100 R 8.50
100 to 250 R 8.00
250 and above R 7.50
Consumer Profile R 26.00
Letter Of Demand
Letter Of Demand R 80.00
Court Documents
Court Index Query Returned R 3.00
Court Index Query R 3.00
Court Document R 14.00
LightStone Property Valuation
Property Valuation Report (full) R 45.00
Property Valuation Report(short) R 25.00
Suburb Report R 40.00
Transfer Search
Transfer Line R 3.75
CSI Tool Searches
Consumer Trace R 7.50
Business Links R 7.50
Company Details R 7.50
Property History R 7.50
CSI Reports
Individual R 45.00
Company R 45.00
CIPRO Extension R 7.50
Court Library Extension Query R 3.00
Court Library Extension Returned R 3.00
Property Extension R 7.50
Inoxico Background Checks
Qualification Check R 65.00
Driver's License Check R 60.00
MIE Background Checks
Qualification Check R 50.00
International Qualification Check R 150.00
Driver's License Check R 50.00
Professional Driver's License Check R 50.00
Address Location Search R 5.50